Construction Managers

Work Hard. Play Hard.

From the bid process to executing the final punch list and everything in between, each of your projects carries its own individual risk profile. Even meticulously planned projects can face the unexpected, which is why your coverage needs to be tailored specifically to your operations.

We believe in eliminating gaps in coverage to ensure the continuity of your business. That’s why we designed an integrated General Liability and Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability) package policy for today’s Construction Managers.

Our Focus

  • Agency Construction Managers

Benefits Include:

  • Certified Construction Managers (CCMs) are eligible for preferred rating status
  • A combined General and Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability) policy eliminates the hassles of having separate policies and creates continuity of claims management, eliminating the potential for disagreement between carriers.
  • Subpoena Expense Coverage. Better protects your business in the event you are served with a lawsuit or subpoena. Coverage includes up to a $25,000 limit per policy period even before a formal claim is filed.
  • Disciplinary Proceeding Expense Reimbursement Coverage. Helps take the stress off your business if you, or an employee on your behalf, is required to attend a disciplinary hearing. This coverage can help compensate for actual loss of earnings and resulting out-of-pocket costs.
The ProSight Advantage

Innovative Solutions

From unique products and services to exclusive offerings, we work hard to bring you solutions that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Background Checks

Protect your organization and provide a safe place.

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Data Compromise

They say safety is in numbers. Helping you manage fallout.

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Expert Claims Handling

A dedicated approach to claims investigation, evaluation and communication.

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Our Partner

Based in Morristown, N.J., ProSight Specialty® Insurance Solutions was established to provide unrivaled value to clients that goes beyond industry standards. With a strong focus on creating synergistic partnerships with industry experts, we pride ourselves on securing customized and differentiated coverages, services, and solutions packaged to meet the specific needs of its clients. The success of our clients remains a top priority and a measure by which we define success.

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